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The Center Administrative Structure

The Center includes the following departments:

  • Epidemiology department
  • Specialized support services for the HIV/AIDS patients department
  • Hospital observation and consultation services department
  • Medication department
  • Prophylactic and prevention department
  • Psychological consultations and voluntary anonymous AIDS examination department
  • Information Technology (IT) department

The Center Organization Chart

Chief  Doctor
Medication Operation Vice
Epidemiology Operation Vice
Chief Nurse
Counts Dep.
Personnel Department
IT Dep.
Economic Department
Hospital Observation and Consultation Services Department
Prophylactic and Prevention Department
Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Department
Epidemiology Department
Psychological Consultations and Voluntary Anonymous AIDS Examination Department
AIDS and AIDS-Marking Deseases Clinical Diagnosis Laboratory
Clinical Immunology Laboratory
Bio-Chemical Laboratory
Molecular Diagnosis Laboratory (PCR-method)

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